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Add a new post, it says. The cursor is sitting there, flashing like a displeased cat flicking its tail while I try to think of something to write. I’m ever more drawn to the flick-flash of the cursor and ever less inclined to write anything until my phone beeps at me and breaks the spell. The first time I have ever been pleased to have a phone interrupt my train of thought.

Not that my train was going anywhere. It was stuck in a siding while expresses passed a short distance away taking passengers on their way to big adventures in exotic places. Rick’s Cafe Americain in Casablanca. Rick will give up Ilsa for Victor again and go off to have a beautiful friendship with Louis and the cursor will still flash and flash and flash. Robin Hood will fight Little John on that bridge and Marion will love him in spite of everything and together they will foil the Sheriff of Nottingham while the cursor flashes on. Luke will become a Jedi and find his real father. Queen Katherine will lose her husband, the philandering King Henry. There will be car chases and boats and gun fights, passion and love while the cursor flashes away, never faster, never slower, and my despair grows.

Add a post, it says.

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